Al-Madraga (The female traditional robe):


The project of Dar Shaqilat for Cultural Industries aims at enriching  cultural awareness  through scientific research by providing a variety of scientific reports dealing with the culture of beauty of the Jordanian woman. Consequently, the project of "Al-madraga" is a research group of (males and females) volunteer members of Bait Al-Anbat. They specialize in social sciences, anthropology, history, arts, and  many others. This group strives to enrich the knowledge base with a series of scientific research reports about material and immaterial cultures of  Jordanian women, hightlighting all aspects of cultural diversity which contribute to the cultural texture of identity. By definition, “Al-madraga” is the most common traditional dress of women in the Jordanian countrysides and desert. It is still worn by women in many local communities.


Scientifically volunteer teamwork:

-           Dr. Basim Al-twaisi/ scientific reviewer.

-           Maram Fraihat- a PhD in cultural anthropology.

-           Ayda Abu Tayeh- an MA in women studies.

-           Sunia Twaisi- an MA in cultural linguistics.
-     Mohammed Hasanat- an MA in IT.

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